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   ¡§Chuen Ju Ent., Co., Ltd.¡¨ was originally named as ¡§Pong Ding Ent. Co., Ltd. ¡¨and established in March, 1974. The    company was specialized in ¡§High Tension Bonding Tape¡¨(HTBT) in Taiwan. The HTBT wraps around the wire & cable in order to tight the cable and distinguish the colors of cables. Run after several years later, ¡§Pong Ding Ent. Co, Ltd¡¨ has been dismissed and reorganized in Oct 2006. Now the present location is at No.109, Zhulun Rd., Sanxia Town, Taipei County 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.). Therefore, the company now called ¡§Chuen Ju Ent., Co., Ltd.¡¨. Mr. Kosei Lin is now the president of the company.


  It is the premier objective that our company adheres to customers¡¦ quality, sincere and reliable business principles. In addition, the company spent out heavy money to adopt Japan ¡§Flat Yarn manufacturing Equipment¡¨ to produce high efficiency and the quality of goods. In order to offer the finest quality and the best service to the domestic and international users, we never stop striving for perfection and continuing to renovate our knowledge and equipment. Thus, Chuen Ju Ent. Co., Ltd. is the largest ¡§HIGH TENSION BONDING TAPE¡¨ manufacturer in Taiwan.


  Looking forward for the future expectation, the company will strengthen research and develop the high additional value products continuously. The main targets are: implementing and lowering the costs, improving the production efficiency, increasing products competitive ability, promoting the existing technology level actively, opening up the cable market of relevant electric wires, and strive the entire domestic and foreign business opportunities in the electric wire and cable market.¡@

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